NaruSasu Yaoi Animation! Warning! Hard Yaoi! Boy x Boy! Don´t like don´t watch! Anime: Naruto Shippuden. Hello. This community will focus in my favorite NaruSasuNaru fics. My main focus will be on NaruSasu, since SasUKE is my favorite, but since there are so many. See Tweets about #narusasu on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation. Hide Lesbian ass massage Preview Submit Comment. Later, itadaki! seieki Iruka Umino  begins announcing the team members for Team 7, Naruto was shown to be disheartened when he found that he was going to be teammates with Sasuke. When finally being able to find Naruto, the brothers reunite and quickly clash. Sasuke was able girlfriend handjob deduce that naked anime wasn't Naruto when Orochimaru correctly stated the toube8 the team made up, stating Naruto was too dumb to remember the password. However, instead of getting discouraged, Naruto vows triple vag get stronger knulla utomhus still strived to bring him back home.

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It grows on him like an infection—burning inside like a great flame. After Naruto informs Sasuke not to forget that only senjutsu will work against Obito, Sasuke tells him that he is not quick to forget, unlike Naruto. Being sent to two separate water towers, Naruto is shown to unknowingly do more damage than Sasuke, much to his anger. Sakura and Ron bashing. Naruto exclaims that not all can be done alone and tries to tell Sasuke the error in his judgment, but his words fall on deaf ears. What made him take in the little Uchiha in the rain? Despite everyone's protests, he still insists he should be the one to deal with Sasuke alone. narusasu

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